05 March 2011

Spring Break/Vacation

Today and for the next six days I do not have to go to work or to school!! How exciting, however I don't really feel like I'm getting a break.

How come?

Well, I have one five page paper to write and many other small assignments to either catch up on or actually do. The last day of one of my classes she told us about our next oral presentation and so I'm going to use this time to gather up some ideas and work on that as well. That's just school.

I also will be working some on my craft class for vacation bible school at church. I will be narrowing down the crafts we will do each week and come up with a materials list. Also, I have a meeting on Thursday with the main lady in charge.

Then there is the spring cleaning to be done, I try to do a very thorough cleaning of the whole house every three months because all of our wonderful animals plus the two of us, I just feel like it gets really dirty really fast!!

Lastly, I'm working on a little project for a my women studies blog. I'm going to be talking about body image next. Therefore, I'm keeping up with how long it takes to get ready each day, shave, fix hair, put makeup on, etc., as well as the other womanly duties "they" say we should be doing as in the cleaning, cooking, and washing clothes.

So, I ask...where is my vacation? I though I was supposed to have a "break" on spring break?

A year ago today I was getting ready to marry Nathan! Wow! It seems like much longer than that to me. I still remember how nervous, uptight, and worried how I must have forgotten to plan something or do something that everyone know you do at your wedding:) I still have not finished putting together our wedding/guestbook quilt. I'm hoping to do that this summer and finish our wedding album and get it all updated (I've been working on this). We've grown a lot this year and hoping to become three in the new year of our live together. I've added a few of our favorite pictures for you to enjoy:)

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  1. Well, I hope that you do end up at least feeling a little more relaxed with no work and/or classes. I'm planning to call you sometime...probably tomorrow and see about hanging out some time this week.

    If you have questions that I can or you want me to answer for your other blog...just email me!

    Enjoy your week! And....HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!