27 March 2011

The End of the Semester

Yesterday my sister and I walked our first 5k. It was a lot of fun! We finished about midway through the entire crowd and we were happy with that :) The proceeds from the race went for SANE nurses. A SANE nurse is one specially trained in forensics to assist people of a sexual assault feel more comfortable and less pressured to deal with the police when they are not ready to.

I have FIVE weeks of class remaining! I'm so excited for summer to be here and have less stress. I really only have TEN more days of class. The other big bonus is that I have NO FINALS this semester which makes the end much nicer.

One new thing I have started this month is taking barley max. WOW! What a difference it makes. It's very nasty stuff, smells horrible and tastes just as bad but provides me with a fuller feeling all day long and I feel more energized. Apple juice makes it taste a little better.

Slowly, I'm going to start thinking about my plans for the summer...what will I do for four months without school??

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  1. You will have fun for four months...working in your garden...chilling in the sun...and enjoying life! I'm looking forward to MAY 6th too!!! :)