13 March 2011

14 more days of class!

Spring Break is over :(  I went back to work on Saturday and that was a sad day. Maximus wasn't very happy either. I wonder how he will be tomorrow when I will be gone most of the day?

What was accomplished that I wanted to get done?

I wrote my paper and completed a few of the other things I wanted so on that front it was good. I worked on my oral presentation and have a few ideas to share with my group, so thankful that part of the project is done.
I completed my craft list for VBS and had a wonderful little meeting with the director and found out I will be having two other people help me with the class!! YEA! On the house front.....NOT GOOD! I only cleaned two rooms completely and made a bigger mess in the living room with bringing out the summer clothes :( However, I did relax a lot and spent some great time with Nathan.

We had a great first anniversary. Church was fun and Nathan loved the snow. The weather was the opposite and we were definitely more relaxed than a year ago:) It was a fun day though all throughout we would talk about a year ago this and a year ago that. I enjoyed remembering and laughing about it. It was the best day ever:)

Well, must go off to bed and knock out these 14 days (7 weeks) left of this semester with a bang!

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