Over the summer I have watched many movies. I'll share my thought's on what I can recall. 

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2: As most of you know, it is the best movie of the entire summer! I loved it, the music, the development of the actors to this point, just everything about it. Amazing movie. 
  • Captain America: It was a good movie, better than I was expecting. We saw it in 3D and that was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to The Avengers coming out next summer. 
  • The Lincoln Lawyer: Not as good as I was expecting however, the ending wasn't what I expected. 
  • Source Code: A bit odd in the beginning but turned out to be a great movie. Unexpected ending. 
  • Limitless: This obtained the same reaction as Source Code. You think this movie ends but it doesn't. 
  • Tangled: All little girls should watch this movie. I think it was a cute movie. It had some very powerful underlying messages I thought that young girls need to know about. 
  • Gone with the Wind: If you've never seen it you must at least once in your lifetime. I know it is an extremely long movie but it's worth it, in my opinion. 
  • The Spy Next Door: An entertaining movie that made me laugh a few times. It was good. 
  • You Again: Another entertaining movie but, I thought it also provided a good message to not just girls/women but to our male counterparts as well. 
  • An Affair to Remember: Great movie. I understand why it is a classic. Although, the ending was bitter sweet in my opinion. 
  • Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood: Interesting movie about what you think happened isn't always what truly happened or how someone felt and that secrets aren't always a good thing. 
I think that about sums up the movies I can recall watching in Summer 2011:)

The Tourist is the most recent movie I've seen. It was good, short and to the point. Somewhat entertaining but a let down from all the previews. It's a good movie when you're in the mood for something not heavy and dramatic. 

 I recently watched a movie named "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry". It was very good and thought provoking. It was about an old man teaching young boys about lessons from the Bible in a different way. I really liked. You should check it out:) 

I just finished watching Letters to God. A great simple movie with a powerful message of how by allowing God to use us and modeling the spirit He wants us to have we are ministering to others. If you haven't see it you should. Warning: you WILL cry!

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